Work Out(side) Wednesday

So, a funny thing happened after I asked you all to do playground/park workouts last week.

Several of my readers told me I was creepy. Or, rather, they told me it was creepy to work out at a playground if there are children there.

To this I say:


Excuse my language. It is not creepy! Maybe if there’s a whole schoolyard full of children at a particular playground, it’s not the best time to be there doing lunges. But if there are a few kids there with their parents, I promise you it’s not creepy. I’ve done it plenty of times and I have not ever Once had the police called on me. And that’s saying something, right?

All right meow, where were we?

Seriously though, you may get a few funny looks, but do you really care? Most of the time people just ignore me when I do a park workout, but an even bigger percentage of the time, there’s no one there. Have you noticed how little time people spend outside nowadays? And a very very small percentage of the time, but awesome all the same, is when I’m doing a park/playground workout, and someone is curious and interested in what I’m doing. Spread the gospel, people!

So, as promised, here’s a sample playground workout for you to try. You don’t have to do all of this at a playground if you don’t want to, but just find an outdoor area that has benches and other fun things. Just get outside! Shake up your normal routine, and I promise you’ll have fun. Who says you need a weight room and squat racks to have a great workout?!?

Box Jumps – Start in an athletic stance, bend at the knees and jump onto platform or bench, landing as softly as possible with knees bent. Make sure that your knees do not cave in towards each other when you land (this can cause injury). Stand up straight and step off.

** Note: If you are new to working out or have never practiced box jumps before, I recommend substituting Step Ups onto a platform instead. This would entail stepping up with your right leg, bring L knee up, then step down with left, followed by right. Switch legs and repeat.

Incline Push Ups – Pushups with your hands on something so that they are a little bit elevated compared to your feet. ** Note: Since incline pushups are slightly easier than traditional pushups, make it more challenging by adding a weight (if you so desire).

Whips and chains… Nevermind. This chain is about 40 pounds, you could easily put something in a backpack if you don’t have a length of chain lying around! 

Bulgarian Split Squat – Place L foot behind you on bench or platform, step forward with R foot far enough so that when you squat down, R knee is at a 90 degree angle without going beyond your toes. Return to start. Complete 30 seconds of 1 leg before switching to the other leg.

This one can also be made more difficult by adding weight. The chain from the above pic is in the backpack here. 

 Quick Feet Step-Ups– Find a low platform or something about as high as a stair (lower than a traditional weight bench). Step up with right foot, then left, down with right, down with left. Continue this pattern as quickly as you can, switching your lead foot halfway through the 30 seconds.  (It should be almost like running in place on one step)

Pull-Up Negatives- Jump up onto pull-up bar so that your chin is above the bar. Keeping core and back tight, lower yourself slowly (I’m talking really slow here) until your arms are straight. Jump again and repeat. If you can’t find a bar to do pull-ups on — try taking the monkey bars for a spin!

I wasn’t doing negatives here, hence the weight band assistance… But you catch my drift

Burpees – (In case you’re a new reader): Start standing. Squat down and place hands on floor in front of you. Quickly jump feet back to high plank position, quickly jump feet back to squat position, and jump straight up. Repeat.

Lateral Plyo Step-Ups – Stand with right side facing a bench. Place R foot on bench, and jump up and over so that you land with your L foot on bench and R foot on the ground on the other side of the bench. If you are using a bench that has a back (so you can’t jump from one side to the other), just do static lateral step-ups without the jump. Switch legs halfway through 30 seconds.

As noted above, a weighted backpack (or weighted vest if you’re fancy) can do wonders to kick it up a notch!

There are many more exercises where these came from, so I’m sure I’ll post another one of these in the not-so-far-off future.

Also, check out my girl Meg‘s blog, because she posted a great park workout today too! And have you been doing your lunges this week? 


18 thoughts on “Work Out(side) Wednesday

  1. The most brutal workout I ever did in my life took place in a playground. My husband put me through this crazy workout. I thought I was going to die! It’s amazing how much you can get out of just using your own bodyweight.

    I love the pics! You look badass with that chain around your waist!

    1. I can only imagine what Rob made you do!! It really is amazing how hard of a workout you can get with little to no equipment — all you need is a little creativity and a lot of motivation!

  2. Creepy!? No way! Unless your workout entails hiding behind a tree with some binocs, then I too resoundingly disagree.

    As you rightfully point out, the equipment available to the earnest work-outer is totally fab!

    1. Haha, YES, my sentiments exactly! Binoculars at a playground = instant creep 🙂

  3. It’s only creepy if you’re watching children more than you are working out. haha! i’ve done playground workouts myself… it’s fun… you feel like a kid again, sort of. And it’s always fun to be outside 🙂

    1. I agree, it’s so fun to be outside!! It breaks up the monotony of being in the same gym day in and day out. I spend at least 2 workouts per week outside most weeks during the summer!

  4. I say the creepier the better. Oh wait, I shouldn’t say that somewhere public…anyway 🙂 I did get to do some outdoor working out at my house since no one would go to the playground with me and everytime I thought of it it was dark and I was creeping myself out. However, I did do squats and push ups in my driveway last week after walking Lex (dog).
    Another note–I spent a lot of time at the lake and/or pool last week. I made sure not to just sit on me bum but actually swim, dive, kick…you get the drift. Even though it wasn’t a whole lot, it was another step in the right direction!

    1. Awesome job Lori!! It’s ok if you didn’t make it to a playground, just the fact that you switched it up and tried a few new things in a new surrounding is good enough for me! And I’m sure Lex is a great motivator 🙂 Nice job at the lake too — all that little stuff really adds up!

  5. Not creepy at all! I did dumbbell shot puts in a field next to a park for a while. There were kids and parents and families to boot! 😀

  6. LOL only if I have my creeper lens and a bag of candy! 😉 here little boy – ugh seriously what people worry about. “Someone will SEE me” – yea and probably wish they had the cahonas [sp?] anyway. I love the ideas here… I’m going to Garmisch this weekend and can’t wait to get outside

    1. I used to be one of those people who was embarrassed to workout outside!! Now I love it, and I don’t care who’s around! As I said above, I’ve struck up some great convos with people who are curious about the stuff I’m doing! Hope you had a great weekend!

  7. Great post Stephanie! Sorry my vid was up a day late 😦

    1. Hey that’s ok!! Technical difficulties get the best of all of us sometimes… I had a video for box jumps and I couldn’t get the darn thing to embed. So we’re in the same boat! 🙂

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