Inspiration(?) and Good Reads


Un-in-spired: adjective. not inspired; not creative or spirited; dull or ordinary

While I don’t think anyone that knows me would classify my as dull or ordinary, I am feeling rather uninspired on this beautiful Friday.

No, it’s not Writer’s Block. You should see the amount of drafts I have started and the ideas floating around in my head (actually I’m glad you cant see the ideas floating around in my head). I have plenty of things to write about. Coming up with material is not the problem, it’s finding inspiration to make it readable, to make it worth Your while, to make it good excellent.

For some reason, I’m sitting here with not an ounce of inspiration. So instead of leaving you with some uninspired drivel, I’m giving you a few good reads that I’ve found lately! Posts from folks who have had better luck finding inspiration than myself. Hopefully after this weekend I’ll be back with something that’ll just blow your mind.

That’s right, some of that good shit.

Until then, read these!

4 More Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Kettlebells. – A catchy title and even better post about Kettlebells, from Tom Basson.

Is It Ok To Feel Attractive – From the Figure Feminist. A must read for all you ladies out there.

Stop Weighing on the Scale – From Nia Shanks. This one goes handily with the link above, and is another must read for all you ladies… Especially the scale addicts! (Pay special attention to the before and after picture about halfway through the article)

A Tale of 10 Chin Ups – From Kristen over at StrengthSwag. My girl worked her ass off to reach one of her goals…and lived to tell about it!

Can You Be Overweight and Healthy? – Found this one on Spark People, and it has some excellent points. Read it and mull it over because I have a post coming out soon about this very topic!

And now that you’ve read all of these, please go and do this:

Try this once in awhile.

Also don’t forget about this week’s fitness challenge!! Get outside, get creative, and do a playground workout. There’s no better way to creep out some kids and their nannies than doing bulgarian split squats off the end of the slide! 🙂  Make sure to send me pictures/descriptions of the exercises you come up with by Sunday evening so that I can include them in a workout post next week. 

And now, I’m off to the beach! Have a wonderful and healthy weekend everyone! 

5 thoughts on “Inspiration(?) and Good Reads

  1. Oooh I love link up posts like this, can’t wait to read all these! And I’m head over heels for that picture– totally gonna do that today after my O-chem final haha 😀
    Have a great weekend friend!!

  2. Much light and inspiration to you today!

  3. Fab post and thanks for the great links!

    I have been almost exclusively working out at the park near my house for the last three months – the loop is 2.5 km, and there is a small playground that I use for strength training. The monkey bars are seriously one of the best upper work outs a gal could ask for!

    I hope you have a smashing weekend 🙂

  4. thanks girl!! hopefully going to crank out a park workout this afternoon in which case you will be accosted with pics & fierceness!! have a great weekend!!

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