You Ate ALL The Food?

Happy Independence Day to all my US readers! Does anyone have any cool plans for the holiday?

And in unrelated patriotic news…

When I was in St. Louis and Memphis over the past week, I think I ate all of the food in both cities. All of the food, and all of the coffee.


Would you like to see a few of these morsels? I know how some of you truly enjoy food voyeurism. And it just so happens that it’s Wednesday… so I’m going to go ahead and link up to the WIAW party over at Peas and Crayons (even though this is kind of cheating, it’s not a true WIAW. But I don’t care)

St Louis: 

There are 2 places I want to talk about in this lovely city, both of which we unfortunately did not find until the last night/last day. The last night we were there, we had gotten a recommendation to visit Broadway Oyster House, so we decided to give it a try. In my head, I was picturing some fancy schmancy oyster house, with tiny plates and even tinier food. BOY was I wrong.

I know, the flash completely blanked out the name. Sorry! 

The name was deceiving, as it was actually a little old Cajun restaurant/bar with the most delicious looking menu I’ve ever seen. Jumbalaya, Crawfish, Alligator, Gumbo Ya-Ya, Etouffee, the list went on and on. How does a girl choose?

I ended up going with the Crawfish Etouffee, which was like a party in my mouth. No, not just any party, like the BEST PARTY YOU’VE EVER BEEN TO. If you’ve never tried Etoufee (shrimp or crawfish), shame on you. Go down south and get on that.

Crawfish Etouffee. *drool*

I also had some crawfish, because who can resist sucking juices out of a crustaceons head?

Why hello, Sir! Don’t mind me while I break you in half, eat your tail meat, and suck out your brains. 

The next morning, I decided to skip the out-the-door line at Starbucks before heading over  to the convention center. I wandered about a block and a half away, and stumbled upon a little coffee shop/cafe that served all local fresh foods. Score!

Local Harvest had just opened up about 3 weeks ago, so there were still a few glitches in their system but overall it was wonderful. I loved it so much that after my breakfast and coffee, I ended up back there for lunch!

The berry/granola parfait I got for breakfast. I also had them add in a dollop of organic peanut butter so that it would keep me full for a long day of lectures!

I came back for lunch with one of my friends, and had this delicious turkey sandwich with all local and fresh ingredients. 


To put it simply, Memphis rocks.

Not only does it rock, literally, with live music up the Wazoo, but the food is freaking delicious too!

Our first morning there, we were wandering through the blistering heat trying to get to a coffee shop. That is, until, we walked by Automatic Slims, looked at the menu, and decided that crab cakes benedict sounded far better than walking 3 more blocks for coffee. In we went for a brunch that left us both drooling!

Probski one of the best bloody mary’s I’ve ever had. Don’t judge. 

This was called the Slim’s Scrambler, and was farm fresh eggs, fresh tomatoes, red onions, potatoes, and chorizo, with some miracle of a sauce on top. SO GOOD. 

That brunch left us full for the entire day… All the way through our trip to Graceland (which is probably one of the coolest places I’ve been to). Hanging out in Elvis’ house? Yes, please!

Me with my awesome head set straight from the 80s, getting ready for the Graceland Audio Tour. Dorkfest. 

Once we got back from The Kings’ mansion, we prettied ourselves up and headed towards Beale St for some real Memphis BBQ.

We ended up at Blues City BBQ for some ribs, and they didn’t disappoint! We shared a rack of ribs, and although it was far too dark in there to get a good shot, I’ll give you what I got even though it kind of just looks like an animal carcass.

I know, I know, that’s technically what it is, but still. I should be able to take a prettier picture than that! Let me tell you though, the meat was just Falling right off those bones and melting in my mouth. Yum-O.

And let’s not forget to mention all of the nutritional goodies that I snagged while walking around the NATA trade show back in St. Louis.

Most of the spread on my hotel bed. 

I think I spent one visit to the exhibit hall on a hunt strictly for protein, and it paid off! This stuff was my #1 free find …

The folks at EAS were kind enough to give me this full sized tub of protein, and although I think the name is stupid (Shocker… protein shakes will not make you “lean and toned”) I’m not going to turn down free protein, especially this much of it. Score!

That’s all for today folks, enjoy your holiday!

3 thoughts on “You Ate ALL The Food?

  1. God, I hate protein powders that claim to make you lean and toned!! There’s so many of them over here in the UK – it drives me nuts!

    I looooove ribs. I had them on the weekend too 😉 I had never even had ribs until I met my husband. They’re not exactly easy to find in Australia!

  2. O(O OMG all that FOOD… fantastic. I love the walking foodie tour. Nice score on the treats…

  3. Haha I hate the claims on protein powders and supplements too. It’s crazy that some people really buy into those claims.

    Your eats look seriously amazing! I’ve always wanted to try authentic Cajun food – I’m obsessed with making jambalaya at home. And that cafe looks right up my alley. I love good, fresh sandwiches like that!

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