Fitness Challenge Week #4

Hello Everyone! I’m back from the dirty south, and boy does it feel good to be back in the New England temps! With just about every day down there over 100 degrees, the heat was starting to get a little oppressive. This heat wave that’s taken over a big portion of the country is killer, and I’m just glad that I only had to put up with it for a few days! But besides the heat, the trip was great! I learned a lot, ate a lot, and had a lot of fun. More on that tomorrow, as I’m still getting my pictures and everything organized.

Hot as balls. At least we never lost power like a good chunk of the country? 

Today is a quick post since I’m still pretty tired and a little frazzled from the trip, but I just wanted to make sure that I got this week’s challenge out to you for those of you that are following along at home!

This week, your challenge is kind of up to you. What do I mean by that?

This means that I want you to get your butt outside and do your own playground workout. I do playground workouts pretty frequently in the summer, mostly because it’s so nice to workout outside when the weather is nice, but also because a playground allows you to get pretty creative with a workout!

There are so many things you can do: Walking lunges around the perimeter, box jumps onto a bench, push ups on an incline or decline, etc. Now I’m not going to give to much away here because I want to leave this one up to you. I want you to come up with some awesome playground exercises, and then send me pictures or descriptions of them. What I’ll do then is compile these pictures with some of my own playground workout ideas, and put it all into one big workout routine that I’ll post next week.

So if you’ve got a great creative exercise, or even one that’s not so creative, send it my way! If you don’t have anyone to take a picture, just send me the description. Either way, just get outside, soak up that Vitamin D and get moving!

*Tip: These tend to be a lot more fun when you have a workout buddy, so find someone to pair up with!

Ultimate workout buddy 

I’ll be back tomorrow with a foodie recap of my trip… Hope you’re ready for some great southern food!

4 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge Week #4

  1. Ugh, if the humidity would cut it out. 😉 This sounds like fun, I wonder if the kids at the park would think me mad to start running amock on their play yard. hehe

  2. I AM TOTALLY ON BOARD FOR THIS! Love it and LOVE YOU! I will make a vlog for NEXT Wednesday of my playground workout!

  3. That is blinkin’ hot as hell. Good grief!

    Fab post 🙂

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