Fun Facts Friday

Today is the perfect day for a Fun Facts post. A) Because it’s Friday, and B) Because my girl Meg over at A Dash of Meg has so graciously nominated me for a One Lovely Blog Award!

And to acknowledge her nomination, here are the rules:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
2. Paste the award image anywhere on your blog
3. Share seven facts about yourself
4. Nominate other blogs you enjoy for this award
5. Post a comment on your nominees’ blogs to let them know of their nomination

 So here, ladies and gentlemen, in no specific order, are seven facts about myself that you’re dying to know:
1. I was born in Bermuda. My parents were stationed there in the Navy, so that’s where I spent the first year of my life. Unfortunately I don’t posess some sort of freak-of-nature memory so I don’t remember a thing about it. You know that First Class song that goes “Beach Baby Beach Baby there on the sand, from July til the end of September..” Well, rumor has it, I like to pretend that’s about me.
I was born at #4. Paget. Home sweet home. 
2. I once had a fish named Johnny Damon. He was a lovely fish, and I treated him well. Then one day, the real Johnny Damon left the Red Sox to head to the Yankees for a bigger paycheck, and shortly after that, JD the fish died. (I had NO hand in his death, I swear. It was the cosmic forces at work) Can someone forward this on to Johnny Damon so that he can know that his decision to make more money ended a beautiful life? Side note: I also cried the day Nomar got traded back in 2004. I’m not talking just “tearing up” here. I’m talking real tears. Nomar, I still love you.
The lovable idiot before he turned to the Dark Side. And killed my fish. 
3. I took private Flute lessons from age 6 until I was 18. Yes, I was a floutist. No, I do not play anymore. Yes, I was damn good. Band geeks unite!
4. I was born with club feet. And I had braces on my legs, which caused me to army crawl instead of regular crawl, dragging those little braced-legs behind me like a weird seal or something. (Picture Forrest Gump as a baby here). I still have the scars on my shins to prove it, although I REALLY wish I had some pictures of myself in those things!  I’m conscious not to be pigeon toed while walking, but if I’m sitting and not paying attention, my feet almost always still curl in towards eachother. Once a club foot, always a club foot.

You wish you had this in common with young Forrest.
5. My default face is horrible. You know what I’m talking about. The face that you make naturally when you’re not doing anything, not thinking anything, not expressing emotions in any way. Your default face. Well mine is a mixture of raging-bitch and total-confusion. I’ve had people tell me that I look extremely angry and also that I look lost (must be the blonde hair). So if you ever see me in real life, and I look like a mega-bitch or as if I’m lost, chances are that neither are true. It’s just my default face. In all reality though, I’m a very happy person! So I apologize in advance if I give you the stink-eye.
6. I went skydiving for my 28th birthday. And I’m dying to do it again!! It was the most exhilerating experience, and one that is very hard to describe in words. I will say though, that the only scary part is the plane ride up (and that moment standing at the open door before you jump, when you are 100% convinced that this is the end) Once you jump though, it’s all puppies and unicorns. It’s hard to describe, but the free fall doesn’t even feel like falling, it feels like floating. There is nothing like it, and I can’t wait to do it again!
Pure fashion right here. And fancy hats too! 
7. I may or may not believe in ghosts. Call me crazy, but whatever you want to call it — ghosts, spirits, paranormal activity — I believe in it. Although I’m a science-y person, I don’t believe that science can explain everything, especially not some of the stories and accounts I’ve heard from close friends.  (I also may or may not believe that True Blood and The Walking Dead are true life, and that there are most certainly vampires and zombies everywhere.) Just saying.
So there you have it. For better or for worse, you now know me a just a little bit better.
And now for the blogs that I nominate!
1. Kristen over at NoDramama –My Seester! She’s one funny lady 🙂
2. Kristen at StrengthSwag – Because she’s badass, and we’re taking over the world together.
3. Kristin at Which Way Is Hollywood – A dear friend of mine who puts up some great posts that will make you smile on a long day!
(Apparently I have a thing for the name Kristen/Kristin?)
4. Kristi at Sweetly Fit – Because she posts a TON of great recipes!
5. Sable at Squat Like A Lady – Because she’s Sable. Enough said. And she’s training for her first figure competition, and watching her progress is awesome!
6. Melanie over at Beautifully Nutty – Because she’s sweet and positive, and posts some great recipes!
7. Nicole at Pumps and Iron – Because she mixes it up with fashion and fitness, two things I love. Her fashion posts are always beautiful!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
Have you ever been sky diving? Do you have any pets named after famous people? Do you believe in the paranormal?

16 thoughts on “Fun Facts Friday

  1. my default face is SO awkward! i’m a combo of confused and sad. and even in default i scrunch my forehead, which explains the indelible lines i have at the ripe age of 28. every time i catch myself in the background of a photo i’m mortified. every time. : )

    1. Ha! Glad to know I’m not the only one with a stinky default face!!

  2. Sable@SquatLikeALady June 22, 2012 — 8:56 am

    LOL at all the Kristi/Kristins on your list! haha!!!! I have another one you’ll like…Kristin at! She’s awesome.

    SO COOL that you went skydiving!!! I want to try that…although I am HORRIBLY, horribly, excessively afraid of heights :/

    1. Ooh I’ll definitely have to check her out, thanks!! And skydiving may not be the best thing for you…. but maybe it’d be exactly what you need to get over that fear!

  3. HAHAHA! I love that you had a fish named Johnny Damon! That’s amazing! And it’s amazing you went skydiving, you’re so brave!!! I bet that was such a blast 😀

    1. It was a blast for sure, I can’t wait to do it again someday! 🙂

  4. hahaha kristen, kristen, kristin, and kristi. Nice.

    1. I laughed at myself when I was writing those blogs down… It’s a little strange!

  5. So cool!! How do you nominate someone for the lovely blog award??

    1. I think you just do it? Technically the “rules” say that you nominate someone else after you’ve been nominated… But Hey, I say you can nominate someone for a blog award any day you want!

  6. onehealthymunchkin June 22, 2012 — 2:16 pm

    Ahhh that’s so awesome/scary that you went skydiving! It freaks me out so much! But the part I’m scared about is feeling like I’m falling – so if you say it doesn’t really feel like that, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all…

    1. It Really doesn’t, and I know that’s so hard to believe but it’s true! It feels like floating…I would say the scariest part of the fall for me was when they pulled the cord of the parachute and it kind of jerks you up really quickly. Other than that, it’s awesome!

  7. oh my gosh girlfriend! ok this HAS to be the best post in the world. Obviously I wanted to know more about you , but I mean this was amazing. Seriously I learnt so much about my girl ❤ I can't believe it but I love you more!? who knew that was possible 😉

    I totally have that biotech glare too! Everyone says the first time they meet me they think I'm going to be a stuck up snob!?


    Yeah. It's the default face. So glad I'm not alone

    xoxo love u

    1. Haha, Meg, Thanks girl!! And I LOVE that you have a bitchy default face too! We’ll have to compare those icy glares in August 🙂

  8. thanks for the facts about you that i was dying to know.;);) skydiving must have been awesome. hope i get the chance to do that some day and i have some courage left in me by then to attempt it…

    1. I hope you get to do it someday, it’s truly amazing! 🙂

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