Summer Fitness Challenge: Week 2

… And we’re back for week 2! (If you missed it, last Monday I introduced a 12 week fitness challenge program for the summer). It’s ok if you just want to jump in with week #2, or you could always just jump in head first and do both challenges this week 🙂

First off, how many of you actually took the stairs the entire week? Did anyone count how many stairs they took? As I said last Wednesday, after I wrote that post for you guys, I found out that my “extra points” challenge for my work program was to climb 1000 stairs during the week. Being someone that doesn’t have a crap ton of stairs in my daily life, I immediately started calculating how many stairs I’d have to take per day… and got a little nervous. But then I started counting, took a few extra trips between my basement and my apartment (ok… 40 trips in one morning, but who’s counting), and I already had over 600 steps by lunchtime on Wednesday.  Add in a stadium workout on Friday, and I was just under 2000 before the weekend hit.

BOOM. I told you, we’re in it to win it.

Anyone out there beat my stair total for the week?

Now on to this week’s challenge. This is one that might actually cause some of you to hate me for life. (Sorry? …. Actually nope, I’m not sorry).

It involves everybody’s least favorite exercise… The Burpee!!

Let’s hear it! YEAH!!! YAY BURPEES!!!

The challenge is simple in theory but not quite so simple in execution:

So that would break down to 50 burpees during 4 workout days. (finish up your workout with 5 sets of 10 perhaps?)

But if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, and you are someone like me who would want to get these over with as quickly as possible, why not try something that will allow you to knock off more than half of these in one shot?

So I present to you a little bonus workout. This workout in itself is not part of the challenge, but just a way for you to get some of these dreaded burpees out of the way. It’s adapted from a workout that was in Men’s Health about a year or so ago, with a little extra kick that I’ve thrown in there. It’ll only take you about 15 minutes, but I guarantee it’ll have you sweating and cursing my name about 1/3rd of the way through.

**Please note: If you have never done burpees before, or are new to working out, please try this starting at 10 or 12 the first time through. If you do that and can get through it, than go for the full 15 on your next go around!

**Make sure you get a good warmup in before this workout! It is quick but it is a full body workout that could lead to injury without a proper warmup.

**As always, please stop if you experience pain, shortness of breath, or dizziness.

For those of you who are new to burpees, here is a quick video for you to get a good visual. Make sure you practice a few at a slow pace before you go balls to the wall though, please!

**This guy does advanced burpees. For the purpose of this challenge, you do not need to add in the push-up component. When you kick your legs back, stay in a high plank, or high push-up position. Also, he kicks his legs back before his hands reach the ground in some of these reps. DON’T do this if you’re not at that level. Doing so could injure your wrists, shoulders, or back if you are not ready for it. Place your hands on the floor and then kick your legs back to plank position. (I only chose this video because it was the least douchey/soft-porn one I could find)

And now for completely-off-topic side note:

Will and I took a day trip up to Portland, Maine yesterday to take my mom out to brunch (which was delicious and so much fun!). After brunch, we decided to walk around Portland for a while, acting like tourists even though I lived there for the first 18 years of my life. While walking around, we just happened upon a couple of food trucks, and it turned out they were filming for the Food Network show, The Great Food Truck Race. Cool, huh?

I know, not a great picture, but you can see a little bit of the crowd and the camera guy interviewing one of the workers. 

One of the trucks, Nonnas Kitchenette… Their menu looked delish and would probably be the one I would have ordered from! 

The other truck, Seoul Sausage…Also looked awesome!!

 We stood and watched one of the girls give a testimonial for a while…but unfortunately did not get any food. (I know, total fail, but we were still stuffed from brunch, and already had more food plans for later!) Nor did I jump in front of the camera and flash my pearly whites (or anything else), but I can’t say I’m not faintly hoping you can catch a glimpse of me when the episode airs.

After wandering around for a while and building up a little bit more of an appetite, we headed over to one of our favorite places in Portland, which, weirdly enough, is a Mexican restaurant. I know, I know, New England and Mexican food don’t really belong in the same blog post, let alone the same sentence, but I’m telling you this place is legit. (And Yes, I’ve been to San Diego… and Mexico for that matter).

The place is called El Rayo, and I have never been disappointed by this place. We each had a mexican style corn on the cob, and then some tacos as well.

I should have taken the lettuce off for the pic, but this was so good! Grilled chicken with smoky goat cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, radish, and probably something else… 

This was Will’s food…after he already ate one of his tacos. He had a pork, steak, and fish taco, and loved all of them! And oh God, that corn is to die for. 

So, moral of the story is, if anyone ever challenges you to find good mexican food in New England, just head on up the coast to Portland, Maine and get your butt to El Rayo. You won’t be disppointed, I promise!

Now get on with those burpees!

Have you ever been to Portland or to El Rayo? Do you believe me that good Mexican food exists in New England? Do you want to slap me for telling you to do 200 burpees? 

11 thoughts on “Summer Fitness Challenge: Week 2

  1. ahhhh that burpee workout is going to suck…. hahaha i’m excited.

    1. Omg Kristen it sucks so bad until you get to like 10 or 9, then it’s smooth sailing from there. I did 50 burpees at the end of my squat workout today and almost died… (Yay burpees?) And thanks for the reblog again!

  2. Reblogged this on strengthswag and commented:
    week 2 of the summer fitness challenge!

  3. Oh my gosh! I really want to do this burpee challenge 😉 Your workout looks amaaaazing and fun !!!!! Am I weird? 😉

    1. Ha, you ARE weird if you look forward to burpees!! 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on JennyO's Weblog and commented:
    Take the challenge, I’m playing catchup this week she’s on Week 3 with Plank so this week will find me doing Burpees and Planks…!
    YEA Burpees… ugh. 😉

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