Mini Fitness Challenges: Week 1

I mentioned last week that I was thinking about giving you all some fitness challenges to go along with the team program that I’m doing at work. I still haven’t quite decided how I’m going to do this, particularly how I’m going to post the results; if there will be a prize at the end, etc.

So you want a prize? I don’t think you can beat this.

But that all doesn’t really matter for now, so let’s get started!

I have decided on a few things to get us moving here, however:

  1. There will be 12 weeks of mini challenges. This should take us through Labor Day weekend, right? That way, even if you don’t do all of them, it’ll give you little pushes to get through the summer months. Maybe once this is over, we’ll start something else for the fall!
  2. Each week will be a separate challenge. I’m going to start small and build from there.
  3. Doing this is up to YOU. You can choose to do every single challenge, or you can pick and choose which ones are for you. You can also email me pictures or videos of your results if you want them to go up on the blog!

One thing that led me to start something like this is an article I read recently, but unfortunately I have no idea where I read it. I’ll try to find it and update this post when I do! The basic message of the article made perfect sense to me: people tend to be much more successful with behavior change when they make gradual small changes, instead of trying to make several changes all at once. For instance, making one small change, such as including vegetables into 2 meals per day, is a lot easier than trying to do that along with exercising 5 times per week, drinking more water, sleeping more, and a thousand other changes to make yourself more healthy. Once you get the hang of that one change, then you add in one more, and the small changes build on each other over time.

The fitness challenges that I post on here are meant to be something along those lines. They’re not all going to be things that you’ll keep up with and do from here on out, but if I can at least help some people to make small steps towards fitness and strength each week, than that’s success, right? Even if you choose to only incorporate 2 out of the next 12 challenges into your regular routine, that’s at least 2 more things that you weren’t doing before, and that’s what really matters. Baby steps are necessary sometimes!

Now what’s up for this week?

This week has nothing to do with time in the gym, and has everything to do with your daily life. This week, I challenge you all to take the stairs.  Whenever you have an option, skip the escalator and elevator!! If there aren’t stairs available and you have to take an escalator, walk up it. (Please don’t shove people out of the way. If it’s crowded and you can’t get by, that’s your only excuse!*)


  • Stairs. Only stairs. Up, down, sideways, whatever.
  • If it’s 10 floors or under, take the stairs.
  • NO excuses!* If the people you are with give you a hard time for heading toward the stairs instead of the elevator, so be it.  It’s only a week, and I’m sure they’ll still be your friends after you meet them on the 5th floor. But again — no shoving. I don’t want to get any emails saying you threw somebody off an escalator so you could walk up. I won’t be proud of you and you WONT get a gold star for the day.
  • Had a long day? Tired? I don’t care. Take the stairs.

Why stairs? Simple. If you only use the stairs for a week, think about how much more activity you’re getting without even thinking about your gym sessions. Escalators and elevators were designed to get you somewhere faster, but when you’re only going a flight or two, stairs are often faster anyway. For some of you, this might be a habit you already have (hooray!), but we could all use a little reminding sometimes. I use the stairs at least 90% of the time, but there are some days when I’m known to just stand on an escalator and zone out. Not this week! All stairs, all the time.

See, even David Bowie wants you to take the stairs. 

I’ll give a shout out to those of you who climb the most flights of stairs in a day… so send some emails my way when you have an especially good day!

One more thing, I’m going to do a post soon about goals, but I also want to find out what some of your fitness and nutrition goals. Send me an email this week with your goals, and next week I’ll do a post highlighting reader goals. There is a purpose behind this, I promise! So start thinking about it, and email me at by Saturday. (All goals will be posted here anonymously if you wish!!)

Happy climbing 🙂

18 thoughts on “Mini Fitness Challenges: Week 1

  1. Oooooo girl this is so much fun! Big things happening on your blog! WOHOO! Way to go, lovely! I am so proud of you, girlfriend!!!! I will be emailing you ASAP! 🙂

    I am excited for your challenges! What a great thing to do! Will definitely mention this on my blog, so you have some more people taking part! I always take the stairs. In my apartment I live on the 11th floor, but I take these stairs at least once a day 😉 When I lived on the fifth floor I took them all of the time 😉

    1. Thanks so much Meg!! It’s still definitely a thought-in-progress but I’m hoping it can turn into something! Wow that’s awesome that you take the stairs to the 11th floor…I’ll give you some props for that on my next challenge post 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on strengthswag and commented:
    Even though she’s a celtics fan, this is a great idea 😉

    I’m going to be re-blogging these mini fitness challenges for anyone that wants to take part in them. Lets go!

    1. Thank Yooou! Awesome!! (Even though you’re a Heat fan)

  3. At a recent conference I tried my darnedest to convince my fellow delegates to take the stairs – the conference rooms were on the 22 floor of the hotel! I did it 3 times up & 3 times down and managed to convince a grand total 1 other person and she joined me once! F
    Definite success!

    1. Wow that’s awesome… 22 floors would be killer! Nice work!!

  4. thanks for the reminder..:) will get back to climbing the 8 floors to my apartment ..

    1. Nice! It’s definitely tough at the end of a long day..but worth it, even for just 1 week!

  5. I love this and I was all gung ho “YES IM GOING TO DO HER CHALLENGES!”

    And then I realized I encounter not a single stair in my daily life. I live on the ground floor of my building AND my work building is only one story. DOH.

    1. Ha!! Someone else said this too! My bad… But fear not: Next week will have nothing to do with stairs!

  6. Even though this is in direct violation of my walk down ride elevator up rule at work I will do this and LOVE IT!!!! Its just 52 steps to making a positive change!

  7. I’m in the same boat as Juliet, not many stairs in my daily life AT ALL. There’s only one flight in my office building. But I have been making an effort not to wait for the close parking spots, and walking the extra distance. So that’s my adaptation for this week 🙂 This is a great idea! Things have been crazy busy with the move and job change, so the gym time has suffered but I’m hoping you have some more at-home challenges coming at us!

  8. You can come and join me on my Stair Climb event, Ther American Lung Association’s, Fight For Air Climb. Chose between 1500 or 5000 steps to tackle! Or join one closer to home. Check it out at:

    Good Luck with all your summer challenges!

  9. reblogging on I love giving my clients little challenges for the week to keep them motivated

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