Workout Special: The 550

I just want to start by saying a big Thank You to those who have commented (both on my blog and in person) on my last post. It is great to feel support from such a great network of people, and I’m definitely lucky to be part of a network of bloggers who are so caring, supportive, and just all around awesome!

Seriously, Thank you! I also just want to say that I have felt for a while like I needed to get my story out there, and even though it made me a little nervous to do so I’m definitely glad that I did — it was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders being so honest with all of you.

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Sometimes we could all use a little boost from our friends

And now on to today’s post! Which, because I am lazy and don’t feel like writing a whole lot, is a workout for you. Don’t get me wrong though, this is a workout that will kick you right in the ass, and won’t take up your whole afternoon! If you need a break from the gym, or want to take advantage of a nice day outside, then this is for you.

All you need is your pretty little self and a football field (or a field big enough to be a football field). It will help to have the lines painted, but if not, you can just pace out the yard lines yourself (one full step is about a yard) and place markers where the lines would be.

Make sure before you do this that you get a good dynamic warm up in, at least 10-15 minutes of multiple joint movements so that you can properly warm up the tissue in all major muscle groups. This workout involves sprints and full-body work, so a good DWU is absolutely necessary for safety and performance!

The 550 

Sprint 10 Yds. – 10 Burpees 

Rest 20 Sec

Sprint 20 Yds – 20 Lunge Jumps (alternating legs)

Rest 20 sec

Sprint 30 Yds – 10 Squat Jumps

Rest 20 Sec

Sprint 40 Yds – 10 Pushups

Rest 20 Sec 

Sprint 50 Yds – 20 Bridges (Pelvic thrusts)

Rest 30 Sec

Sprint 60 Yds – 10 Burpees 

Rest 30 Sec

Sprint 70 Yds – 10 Squat Shuffles (5 each direction)

Rest 30 Sec 

Sprint 80 Yds – 20 Lateral line hops (double leg, back and forth over line)

Rest 30 Sec

Sprint 90 Yds – 10 Pushups

Rest 45 Sec

Sprint 100 Yds  – 60 Sec Plank

You’re Done!

Here’s the breakdown. You end up sprinting a grand total of 550 Yds (ahem, Title), with all of those other goodies thrown in as well. These are meant to be done with the exercise at each level performed directly following the sprint, a jog back to the start, and then the rest period.  This will not take you very long, so put your all into it!

If you get to the end and you feel like you still have some in the tank (some of you will), then take 60 seconds rest and do 1-2 more 100 yd sprints to finish off.

If you’re sprints aren’t lightning speed (mine certainly aren’t), that’s ok! Just do the best for you.

If you can’t do 10 solid pushups, do as many as you can and finish the rest from your knees. If you can’t hold a 60 second plank at the end, just do as long as you can with proper form.


 If you have any questions about what any of these exercises are, just ask in the comments section or shoot me an email! Do you do sprints regularly? Do you like to take your workouts outside when the weather gets nice? 

8 thoughts on “Workout Special: The 550

  1. Dang that workout sounds hardcore! Gotta remember this!
    Oh and I love that panda picture heehee 🙂

  2. That looks intense! I used to do workouts like this all the time in Sydney, but it’s far too cold in London for me to venture outside. Maybe in the summer time 😉 That picture of the bears is so cute!!

    1. Ah yes, I only attempt workouts like this when the weather is nice…We’ve been lucky to have an uncharacteristically very warm spring here in Boston!

  3. your workouts are always butt kicking 😉

    love you Stephanie xoxo

    thinking of you always

  4. now thats my kind of workout! quick and dirty! 🙂

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