A Stadium Workout

I have been researching a post that I fully intended on posting today… But then life got in the way and I have not finished either researching or writing at this time.

Any of you who know the world of athletic trainers know that there are certain times in the year (playoffs in particular) when our lives have the potential to get a little ridiculously hectic. That is this week. I’m too tired to think, let alone write a well thought out, well-researched post.

Not only that, but I finally saw Titanic 3D on Monday night, and lets just say that I cried so much that my eyes hurt all day on Tuesday. That’s right, the love story between baby Leo and Kate Winslet is part of the reason why you’re not getting that post today.

Yep, it looked something like that. WIth 3D glasses on. Classy huh?


Anyway, what I am going to give you today is a Stadium/Stair workout that you can do on your own! I figure that I talk about running stadiums so much, but I know that many of my readers have never had the chance to do that, or don’t know exactly what “running stadiums” means.

I’ll break it down for you: Usually I run up and down the giant cement columns of Harvard Stadium, basically until my legs fall off.  Sometimes, however, I break up the run into “circuits” to make it a little more interesting.  But to be more specific, here is a workout that I did recently.  Keep in mind that Harvard Stadium has both big steps and small steps. The smaller ones are about the size of a normal stair, while the big ones are about twice that height and about 3 times as deep. So even if you don’t have a stadium accessible to you, you can do this type of workout on any large set of stairs (sometimes you can find great, secluded high stairways in parks or leading up to a bridge — just make sure you are safe!)When I say “Bigs” here, I mean the big steps, and “Smalls” are of course the smaller steps. If you just have one set of regular sized stairs, try doubling them up for the Bigs!

The Bigs and Smalls at Harvard

Start off with about 10 minutes of a Dynamic Warmup. Without a DW, your first few reps of stadium runs will feel like you’re moving through quick sand, which is not a pretty way to start out a workout! If you’re not sure what this is or how to do one, head over to Kristen at StrengthSwag for her great posts on the DW (Here and Here)!

Stadium Work Out

5 Columns – Run Bigs (as fast as possible), walk down

2 Columns – Side Step Bigs (one column leading with each leg), walk down

1 Column – Run Smalls (as fast as possible), walk down

1 min rest.

Repeat this Circuit (8 Columns) once more.

1 min rest

2 Columns – Run Bigs, walk down

2 Columns – SPRINT Smalls, walk down

Stretch/Cool down

A few notes:

  • I try not to rest in between columns, unless I’m absolutely dying or if it’s between circuits. Try to rest as little as possible during the circuit, but if you’re a beginner, or just having an off day, rest does not make you weak, and if you need it, take it!
  • Side Stepping is exactly what it sounds like. Face to your right do a lateral step up with your left leg, bring your right up to meet it. Continue this all the way up the stairs, and face the opposite direction on the following column. These will absolutely kill the glutes of the lead leg, so beware!
  • You’ll be amazed at how light your legs will feel on the Smalls, after the Bigs and sidesteps. I tire out by the top though, due to the height of Harvard Stadium, but try to keep an all out sprint to the top. The last two Smalls should be everything you have left!
Come on, how can you resist this face?  

So there you have it. An example of one of the many types of stadium workouts I do. I try to get out there at least once per week during the warmer months; it’s one of my absolute favorite types of workouts (if you couldn’t tell by the shear number of times I’ve mentioned them here and on Twitter). Questions? Comments?

Do you run stadiums? Do you have a stadium near you but you haven’t dared to run in it yet?

8 thoughts on “A Stadium Workout

  1. Awesome! I’ve never done a stadium workout before, but I really want to! There’s a high school football stadium sort of nearby that I may have to check out 😉
    Oh and girrrrlll I SOB every time I see titanic, too, especially when rose and jack are reunited after she dies. Bring on the Kleenex haha! 😀

  2. Ahhh this sounds like a tough one =D I won’t have access to Harvard when I’m home but I will be staying right down the street from a high school so I’ll have to try this out!

  3. this is sweeeeeet! thanks for sharing, always looking for a new workout. i’m gonna give this one a try asap. and thanks for the shout out 😉

  4. thanks for posting this Stephanie 🙂 ever since I told you that I wanted to train with you and then you replied by saying “we’ll do a stadium w/o together” I kept thinking about “what is a stadium workout!?” you always talk about them and funny thing is I was actually going to email asking you for an example of one! I think I would by kind of scared to give it a try tho!? I would definitely biff hahaha

  5. I’ve started doing stadiums at UF. My goal is 3 times per week but I don’t want to mess up my joints. I know not to go more than three times a week. But is it better for my joints to do it twice or is 3 okay?


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