Shame on you, Carrie Underwood: A Rant

Let me start this off by saying I am a huge Carrie Underwood fan.


Beautiful and talented. Love her!

I’ve been a fan ever since she was an adorable country bumpkin on American Idol several years ago, and I own all of her music. However, while in the middle of a post-lift stretching sesh recently, I was flipping through the latest issue of Self Magazine, of which Carrie is on the cover (looking amazing, might I add). I came upon the interview with her and decided to read through to see what my girl says about nutrition, etc. I’ve often been a fan of her candidness about needing to keep a food diary to keep herself on track, how it isn’t just “natural” to look how she does, etc.  Although what I saw this time when she was asked about strength training was enough to elicit a giant eye roll, sigh, and “Ugh…Of course” comment.

(Yes, I was the crazy girl stretching and talking to my magazine. What?)

Here as proof, is what she said when asked about her fitness regimen as it relates to the red carpet (specifically read her quote in the Pre-Event Workout section):

Apparently Carrie’s been abducted and brainwashed by the Tracy Anderson “weights make women look bulky” clan.

Correct me if I’m wrong (I’m not), but I’m fairly 100% certain that lifting weights on the morning of an event will not make this body look bulky, or “puffy”. Ever.

I do appreciate that she specifically says that she lifts less weights than usual, which does imply that she does some resistance training on a regular basis. And I also appreciate that she does actually have pretty great muscle definition in her legs, which leads me to believe that she doesn’t actually just survive on lettuce and Smart Water.

However, this one little sneaky comment bothers me for one huge reason. This comment just perpetuates the myth that so desperately needs to be broken, the one that keeps countless women out of the weight room: the fear of getting bulky.

No, not everyone has to be lifting like a body builder, but doing a progressive strength training program (when paired with proper nutrition) will never make you look puffy! (And, in fact, it will do exactly the opposite) I know it’s been said again and again, but in my opinion it bears repeating: women lack the testosterone to make them bulky.

Bottom line: Resistance training will help make you stronger and will help your body look better without clothes on. I guarantee it.

Trust me, if one day of weight training made you look too muscular, bulky, or “puffy”, I’d look like this by now:

Well, I’d probably have a different outfit on. 

So the take home message is: Stop believing this crap. Stop believing the lies that society has been believing for so long, and start believing what the research tells us. Don’t be afraid of the weights!

Ok, rant over. Carrie, I still love ya, but I’m still kind of mad at you. You know better.

3 thoughts on “Shame on you, Carrie Underwood: A Rant

  1. OH CARRIE!? What were you thinking!? I love her too but really!? Bulky!? Come on girlfriend

  2. LMAO “but i’d probably have a different outfit on”. i love these kinds of rants so i will be reposting this everywhere!

  3. I like Carrie’s music, then it ends. EVERY interview involves some discussion of how she stays thin as though she has no other priority. Every interview. I think he hyper focus is a bad example for young women and it also makes her sound unhappy. I appreciated this post!

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