Easter Insulin Spike and 2 Workouts

Hello, and Happy Monday! How was everybody’s Easter/Passover weekend? Mine was wonderful, although after making the rounds to a few different (delicious) family dinners, my blood sugar paid the price.

After 3 amazing holiday meals in 24 hours, I had a full appreciation for all of the great company I had enjoyed, as well as all of the wonderful food, but BOY oh boy was I feeling it. By about 11 am Sunday morning, after consuming only 1 holiday meal so far, I was already feeling groggy and slow. Add in 2 more Easter/Passover meals on Sunday alone, and I felt like a sloth with about 3 brain cells when I got home that evening.

This guy may have been able to carry better conversation than me by Sunday evening. 

Throughout these meals, I was able to eat plenty of greens, kale, and salmon, but I also ended up eating far more refined carbs than I ever eat, in the form of home-made Mac ‘n Cheese (So ridiculously good), various desserts, banana bread, and other holiday goodies.  Now, I’m not one to deny myself indulgences on holidays. For example, home-made macaroni and cheese is one of my favorite things in the world, but I only eat it maybe once or twice a year. So when faced with a delicious dish of it at a family gathering? You bet your ass I’m going to let myself indulge a little.


However, when said indulgences left me with an insulin spike and the resulting near-coma,  it got me thinking. Is this what your average American feels like all the time? Since we’re all so gung-ho on processed foods and refined carbs, do normal people walk around feeling this sluggish and slow (physically and mentally) all the time?!?

I’ll tell you one thing: it was a swift reminder of how quickly our bodies react to this type of food. Every once in a while, fine, but I can’t imagine feeling this way all the time. If I can choose between feeling like a slug after eating refined carbs and processed foods, or feeling energized after eating vegetables, lean-meats, and other whole foods, why would I ever choose the former?

Just a little food for thought to start the week.

Now on to a couple of workouts I did 2 weeks ago when I lost my weight room. If any of you went a little overboard on the Cadbury Eggs this weekend and are looking for something new at the gym, why not try one of these? If your gym doesn’t have all the equipment listed here (or you don’t quite feel comfortable using it), you can substitute just about anything that works similar muscle groups.

Now get going!

The first is a workout that will take about 45-50 min with the recommended rest. It’s broken up into two small circuits with a little bit of interval cardio at the end. Each circuit was done for the reps listed, with no rest in between exercises. 1 min rest was taken after each round of each circuit, completing both circuits 4 times total.

 Circuit 1

Battling Ropes x30 sec (Alternating arms)

Box Jumps x10

KB Swings x20

Step-Ups x24

Push-Ups x10

Circuit 2:

Battling Ropes (arms together)

Dumbbell Walking Lunges x24 (12 each leg)

Plank DB Rows x 20

Lateral Bounding with medicine ball x20

Interval Cardio: Stationary Bike x25 min (Intervals of 30s hard/30s recovery for the duration)Pinned Image

Workout #2: This one is a cardio interval circuit that I do usually once per week (although the interval times vary depending on how I’m feeling). I do this on the treadmill, but you can also do it on any cardio-machine of your choice:

Jog steady state 10 min (Moderate pace)

Incline Level 9 (30s run/30s walk) x10 (The run speed here should be as close to a sprint as possible, while still able to complete all reps)

2 Minute Recovery Walk

Incline Level 10,  Speed 8 mph 15 sec Run/30 Sec Rest x5 (8mph is fast for me..if it’s not for you, kick it up a notch!)

5 min recovery jog

TOTAL 30 min

Writing For Your Weight Loss Success

So there you have it. Since I know not everyone reading this blog is into heavy lifting (although I’m trying to slowly convince you all), now you have a couple of workouts that I do sometimes when I don’t have heavy lifting available to me, or when I simply need some time away from the weight room.

Did anyone else eat too much for Easter/Passover? Did you all get to visit with family and friends? How often do you do circuit training at the gym?

8 thoughts on “Easter Insulin Spike and 2 Workouts

  1. Even though I’m a heavy lifting lover too, these workouts sound great for a change up! 🙂 Totally bookmarking them for later!
    I know what you mean about how weird your body feels after over indulgence– during Easter I had a billion peeps in s’mores form and felt oober jittery followed by a massive sugar crash haha But like you said, it’s a holiday and every once in awhile it won’t kill ya. I have no clue how some people could eat like that everyday though! I’d be an eternal sloth haha 😀
    Have a great start to your week pretty lady!!

    1. Oh I know, if I ate that way all the time I would be like a slug!! (And I should know, I used to eat that way back in the day, haha!)

  2. OMG that picture of the traffic is too funny!! Love it 🙂

    I didn’t overindulge at all. My husband and I are house sitting for my brother, who was away with his family. We just sat at home and ate as normal! Haha but it was nice to rest all weekend. I know exactly what you mean about feeling sluggish though. Every time I have a bunch of processed crap I shake my head at those people who eat like that all the time. HOW!?

    1. I know, I feel like it’s fine every once in a while, but after a day or two like that I always get intense veggie cravings!

  3. I definitely felt super sluggish yesterday afternoon after too much Easter dessert and candy. I craved veggies afterward!

    1. Me too!! All I wanted after Sunday was salad and water on Monday. All the food was so good and worth it, but I definitely couldn’t do it every day!

  4. Amazing workouts girl! Thanks for sharing! They really look great 🙂 Proud of you for coming up with those and getting your sweat on 😉 WAHOO

    I loved this post by the way. Honestly, if you have your all time fav mac n cheese TWICE/YEAR what the heck is wrong with that!? NOTHING.

    Proud of you

    1. Thanks girl! I can always count on you for a comment to make me smile! 🙂

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