Living The Good Life

There are so many things I love about Boston. Countless, really. I have lived in and around this city for 10 years now, and I still can’t get enough. And after all this time, one of my favorite things about Boston remains the same:

Restaurant Week

3-Course meals at some of the best restaurants in the city, for a fixed (and reasonable) price? Yes please?!

And this week, my friends, is upon us once again. Twice a year I get to indulge in restaurants that normally I can’t afford, and also have the perfect excuse to try not only dinner, but some fantastic appetizers and desserts as well. It really can’t be beat!

Last night I went out for Restaurant Week with two of my girl friends from back in the ol’ college days, one of whom just moved back into town and one who is about to move away (again)! So not only was I excited for dinner, but I was excited to see my two lovelies as well. We ended up going to Masa, one of my absolute favorite brunch places in the South End. Although I’ve been there for brunch about 10,000 times, I’ve always been dying to try dinner there but just haven’t made it.

It was worth the wait.

The Restaurant Week menu had several options for each course, and they all looked absolutely delicious. Here’s a rundown on the yumminess we experienced (although I really wanted to eat EVERYTHING on the menu…alas I could only choose one at each course) Also keep in mind that I personally believe that Restaurant Week is absolutely not the time to be strict with calories, macros, etc. Just enjoy the Heck out of it.


Kristin and I both chose the Scallops and Barbecue Duck (YUM). It came in a sweet corn cream. To die for.

I apologize for the blur, and the fact that I had already had a bite before I took this picture. I just couldn’t help myself with those tasty scallops in front of me 🙂  The scallops were cooked to perfection, and the duck seriously almost melted in your mouth. SO tasty.

Natalie had a delicious looking butternut squash soup with apples, sweet onions, and red sage.  (Sorry, no picture of this one)

On to the main course:

Again, Kristin and I stuck together and each ordered the Southwest Style Steak Frites, which came with a scrumptious arugula salad. DOUBLE yum.

Again, sorry for the lack of a quality picture, but I was really trying to take these quickly before it got annoying.

Oh those fries… the hand cut fries…

Natalie ordered the blackened seared Ahi tuna steak which looked mouth-wateringly good… and got very good reviews from Miss Natalie!

Now for the most important course: Dessert

This time Natalie and Kristin ordered the same and each got the molten chocolate cake with raspberry sauce

And I ordered the caramelized banana diavlo bread pudding.

I know, I know, kind of a risky choice. But OMG guys. This. Was. Good. It may not photograph well, but it was a mix of about 5 different flavors, all of which complemented each other extremely well. I highly recommend this if you’re in the Boston area!

Overall, wonderful dinner at Masa with the ladies!! Some very well prepared food with a little southwestern creative flair and lovely presentation; we were all more than satisfied (and stuffed) at the end!

Now to cap this post off, I’m going to apologize in advance because I really just need to go off topic and do a little bragging. Sometimes a girls gotta brag, right?

I’m actually so excited I can hardly contain myself writing this. Why so excited, you ask? Because earlier this week, along with one of my very best friends, I booked a trip in May to Paris and Barcelona!!!!

RIGHT?!? This dude’s excited.

I don’t think there are enough exclamation points in the world for how excited I am.

I’ll write a bigger post on this when the trip gets closer, but I just had to let you guys know. We are just past the 2 month mark, and then overseas we go! Woo hoo!!

Yes, Paris, I am coming back to you. And Yes, it will be glorious.

Happy Friday, everyone!!

9 thoughts on “Living The Good Life

  1. Whoa that tuna is making me SO hungry, it looks delicious! Same with those desserts! I’d kill for a fun restaurant shindig like that in Texas 🙂
    And HOLY CRAP CONGRATS about the AMAZING trips you have coming up!!!!!!! I cannot wait to hear more about it!!!!!!!! 😀

    1. Do you live near a big city in Texas? I’d be willing to bet you can find a restaurant week somewhere near you!! And Thanks a bunch, I’m SO excited!!! I can’t wait to take tons of pics of all of the delicious food I eat over there and share it with all of you 🙂

      1. I live semi-near Dallas, so I guess I’ll have to look something up! Thanks for the tip!! 🙂

  2. WOW GIRL! LOVE ALL OF THE EXCITEMENT! I have so so so much to say 🙂

    Ok – so I totally love how you began this post. I love your love for Boston. I am the say way about London ❤

    London had "Londonlicious" this past January – February and in sounds like your restaurant week, but it was for 3 weeks!

    I love what you ordered and am so happy you got to try out this restaurant for a dinner instead of a brunch this time! YAY!

    I would have totally ordered the scallops too! AND I definitely would have taken a bite before the pic, too! Scallops are way too good to resist which is why I know I would have ordered them along with you!

    YAY YAY YAY so much excitement! Congrats on booking the trip! My jaw dropped! You lucky girl you!


    Love you hun

    1. Aww Thanks so much Meg!! If I get up to Toronto at some point, you can come meet me and we can eat scallops together 🙂 And Thanks about the trip!! I can’t wait!

  3. I REALLY want that Tuna right this second! Also I’ll email you the Chocolaté con Churros place in Barcalona. ZOOOOMMMMGGGGG! Also photograph and blog about it.

    Make sure you both download the TripAdvisor CityGuide app, SOOOO good because you can update it at your hotel with WiFi for the city and then it works with no Internet! Just brilliant! Maps included! And walking Tours!

    1. The Tuna looked SO darn good, I kind of wish I had ordered that. And YES about the Chocolate con Churros…We’ll definitely be hitting that up!!

  4. Yay, you’re going to be close to me! I’ve been to Paris a few times and it never loses its charm. I’m doing my first trip to Barcelona in late May for our second wedding anniversary, I can’t wait!!

    1. I know, isn’t Paris the best?!? And Wow what a great anniversary trip… when will you be there? We may be in Barcelona at the same time!

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