Cooking Ahead to Make Life Easier

I totally missed the boat this week on What I Ate Wednesday, the foodie-voyeuristic trend of the healthy living blogosphere. Not that I’ve participated in one of these yet, and I don’t have any definite plan of doing so in the future, but I did have some food pictures all ready to post this week.

And then life happened.

This week has been a whirlwind (Wait…it’s ONLY Thursday??) and on top of a busy schedule full of late nights at work, I also have an exam on Friday that I’m trying to prep for. So that means.. You guessed it… No time for blogging.

Cue: Sad puppy dog face

However, here I am with a quickie post on this beautiful Thursday because I just can’t stay away!

Since I knew this was going to be a crazy week from the get-go, I knew that I would have to do a little bit of prep on Sunday and Monday in order to actually have food to eat for the rest of the week. So THIS is what I did:

Thai Peanut Chicken Stir Fry

First, I went to the grocery store and loaded up on an assortment of veggies… Bell peppers, mushrooms, green cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. These were all chopped and the peppers, broccoli and cauliflower were sent into the large fry pan first with a little bit of coconut oil, while the chicken was cooking separately.


Into the pan they go…

Once these got to be a little bit tender, in went the mushrooms and cabbage to round out the veggies, and I also added the chicken and Thai Peanut sauce at this point.

All of this simmered together for a little while until the veggies were tender and it became one big mess of Thai-Peanut flavored goodness.

I used this San-J Thai Peanut sauce, which was very good!! If you’re going to go the store bought route, I definitely recommend this. It’s gluten free, has no artificial anything, and the ingredient list is short. Yes, it has high sodium but anything with a soy-sauce base is going to, which is ok in my book sometimes.

And because I have NO time this week, I made a crap ton of this stuff to last me. I ended up getting 3 full meals out of it served on a bed of brown rice. I also saved a bunch of the cooked veggies before the peanut sauce went in, so that I could make a personal sized Veggie Flatbread Pizza later on in the week, using a Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Flat Bread.

These things are Perfect for quick personal sized pizzas!

Finding ways to transform your meals and reuse ingredients is key when cooking ahead of time and in large quantities. I knew that I would need pre-made dinners all week, but also knew that I wouldn’t want to be eating exactly the same flavors every. single. day. So I got a little creative! Since there are literally a million and a half things you can do with cooked veggies, having a bunch of them made at the beginning of the week is a great idea when you know you won’t have a ton of free time coming your way.

And before I forget, I also made these coconut almond flour pancakes from Clean Eating Chelsea. Chelsea caught my attention with these about a week or two ago, and I couldn’t wait to try them. I think the name says it all, but they are DELICIOUS. And filling too!! If you’re looking for a good pancake recipe that will stick with you and completely satisfy, than look no further. I can’t show you any pictures of mine because they were a complete visual fail, but just trust me that they were scrumptious! (Or better yet, make them yourself and test them out!!)

Do any of you have to do massive food prep to start the week? Did anyone eat Pie yesterday for Pi Day? Happy Eating everyone!

6 thoughts on “Cooking Ahead to Make Life Easier

  1. I usually do a massive food prep on Sundays, but now that I’m not working I just cook whenever I’m eating. I don’t mind cooking multiple times a day, because I have nothing else to do in my apartment! That curry looks yummy – peanut curries are my favourite!

    1. I go through that in the summer when I’m not working..there’s something liberating about just cooking whatever whenever you want it!

  2. Dannngggg that stir fry looks unbelievably delicious! My food prep day is usually Sunday, it’s so fun to crank up the stereo, do some singing and dancing, and cook up a storm! 😀

    1. Thanks!! I agree, adding in a little fun to the prep is the key!

  3. I have been wanting to try those pancakes, so thanks for the reminder 🙂

    I love doing food prep, but I don’t really devote a whole day to it 🙂 I just am continuously cooking 😉 HAHAHA

    1. Oh Meg they are SO good….I kind of want to make them every day!!

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