I Love Mondays!

Ok, I just lied to you.

I don’t mean to start out the week with a lie, but I had to do it to catch your attention. But did you really believe me? NO ONE loves Mondays.  In fact, almost every Monday, I would say a good portion of my twitter feed is full of “Ugh MONDAY” tweets, and I have certainly uttered my share of “Is it really Monday again?” complaints.

But I’m going to do a little experiment this week and take a different approach. I’m going to figure out all of the reasons why I like Mondays, and see if starting this week out positively can make a little bit of a difference?

1. Monday is my heavy squat day.  Yeppers. And following Monday’s lift, I’m usually itching for another heavy squat by Wednesday or Thursday, so I really do actively look forward to Monday mornings for this reason.

2. On This particular Monday, I have an early day. I know to many of you that doesn’t sound like a good thing, but when I’m used to getting home long after it gets dark out, an earlier schedule every once in a while is a blessing! Yes, I have to get up and to work awfully early, but I’ll also be out at 3 pm with the WHOLE afternoon and evening ahead of me!

3. Last week is over. Last week was a rough one in terms of stress and exhaustion. Today starts a new week and a chance to have a MUCH better week than last. There’s no place to go but up, right?

4. I DVR’d the Grammys last night, so I still have the amazing talents of Adele, Jennifer Hudson, and others to look forward to tonight!

5. Ok, 5 reasons to like Monday is really stretching it.

Pinned Image

6.  Did I mention Monday is my squat day?!?

So, 4 legitimate reasons to like Monday isn’t a bad start, right? It’s better than rolling over in bed this morning with my Monday face on and spending the first 2 hours of my day grumbling about how evil this world is that we have to go through Monday EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

Strangely similar to my Monday Face

In fact, I think today I’ll start out more like this, and see where it takes me:

PS. Someone found my blog yesterday by searching for “girl face bad in africa”.  WHAT? That’s enough to make me giggle on this most evil of days.

How do you feel about Mondays? Do you have any tricks to make them a little less painful?

15 thoughts on “I Love Mondays!

  1. HAHAHHAHAAH…. 5. “okay, 5 is kind of a stretch”. that made me laugh. as well as the africa search… wtf?? amazing. BUT thank you for the positive vibes this AM! i hope you domshow your heavy squat day..and enjoy the grammys – adele & jhud, definitely worth watching. have a great day!

    1. Um, just watched. Adele KILLED it as expected, and JHud brought me to tears. Hope your Monday was great!

  2. That africa search thing made me crack up! Some people, I tell ya 😉
    Your Monday for this week is killer–heavy suqats and grammy viewing sounds fabulous to me! 😀

    1. Right? What does that even mean and Why would someone search that? I cracked up when I saw it 🙂

  3. Ok sometimes I like Mondays.. sometimes I dont! 😛 But I guess it just depends on how you look at the day..

    1. You are so right!! Starting out with a little positivity helped me today!

  4. Maybe I’m weird, but I actually really like Mondays! I love that they always feel like a fresh start, you know? 😀

    1. The world needs more super positive people like you Chelsea! 🙂

  5. Monday is also my heavy squat day, so it’s the only thing I had to look forward to! But now that I’m not working, every day feels like a holiday 🙂

    1. I know how you feel!!! I don’t work in June/July (I’m on a 10 month contract, weird I know), and it’s strange to have all that freedom!

  6. hehe I am still not a fan of Mondays but nice try! HAHA just kidding.

    Monday is okay because it’s the beginning of the week. Wednesday is okay because it’s humpday. Thursday is okay because it’s the day before Friday. Friday is Friday. But TUESDAYS…. Tuesdays. I DESPISE Tuesdays. What is the point? It’s not the beginning of the week so it’s not a fresh start, but it’s early in the week and the week is not even close to half over. Eff Tuesdays.

  7. love this post 🙂 allllllllllllllmost as much as I love you 😉 xoxoxoxoxo

    so cute though. seriously.

    it was my heavy leg day too and I am already feeling it girl! my next day will be thursday! i will be looking forward to that too 😉 definitely a reason i love mondays though AND because I have no class 😀

    1. Thanks Meg!! I do Legs on Monday/Thursday too! Monday Squat, Thursday Dead Lift. I love those days!!

      1. I will be doing legs Thursday, too!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be thinking of you 😉 Deadlifts tomorrow for me too! Weo! Same routines?? 😉 hahahaha

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