Superbowl FUNday

Superbowl Sunday. A day notorious for 7-layer dips, guacamole, nachos, chicken wings, and all of the finger-licking good food you can think of. Oh, and a football game. (Or, for those of you who don’t enjoy watching football, there’s also the puppy bowl on Animal Planet or the Lingerie Bowl, if that’s more your style.) This particular Superbowl Weekend, I also had a friend’s birthday to celebrate, which ultimately led to copious amounts of food and drink in a 48 hour period.

So, for your entertainment, I’m going to do something that’s probably going to get myself banished from the “healthy living” bloggosphere for good.  I’m going to tell you everything I ate this weekend. Keep in mind that this is everything Extra that I ate. This is in addition to my usual breakfast and lunch.  Ready? Here goes:

Brownies  – 2 maybe?

Cookies -I made them, so obviously I ate some. I don’t even know how many. Honestly.

How could you bake these and NOT have some of them?!?

Birthday Cake – 1/2 slice

Oreo Cupcake – 1/2

Cup Cake Cone – 1 (Yes, that’s a cupcake cooked into an ice cream cone. It’s ridiculous. Ridiculously good.)

Fried Avocado – 2 pieces

Hush Puppies – 1

Buffalo Chicken Pizza – 2 slices

Pea Pesto Crostini – It’s a Giada recipe that my friend made, and they were delicous!! I probably had 4 of these.

Chips and Salsa

Chicken Wings – 8 maybe? who even knows

Nope, not the least bit healthy. But delicous? Yes!

So WHY am I telling you all of this?

Because in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. Yes, even though now, on Monday morning, I feel like this:

It doesn’t matter. And I really don’t feel bad about any of it. I enjoyed time with my friends, had some great celebrations, and savored (in slight moderation) some delicious treats that my friends made.  All it shows is that I’m not perfect (and I bet you’re not either!) But if you ask me, perfection is overrated. In a perfect world, all I would eat would be clean, fresh food, lean meats, grass fed beef, and fruits grown on trees in my own back yard. Actually, scratch that. In a perfect world, I would be able to eat all the chocolate, cupcakes,  and  chicken wings I want, and still be perfectly healthy.

But the point is, it’s not a perfect world, and it’s never going to be. There are always going to be days when you move a little less and eat a little more. There are going to be birthday celebrations and graduation parties and “hey it’s Friday and I just got through the WORST WEEK EVER” celebrations, and that’s OK. Should we treat every day like it’s a party with the best buffet table in the world? Or Every Sunday like it’s Superbowl Sunday?  No, but is it OK every once in a while? Say it with me:

So, after you DO have an inevitable “cheat” day like Superbowl Sunday, you have three options as far as I’m concerned.

  1. You can wallow in self pity, and continue to eat like crap, because you already ruined your diet lifestyle so why even TRY to be healthy now?
  2. You can beat yourself up over your “bad” day and vow to eat only spinach leaves for the next week.
  3. You can acknowledge that you ate some Damn good food yesterday, appreciate the textures and flavors you experienced, and move on with your normally health-conscious life.

Now I don’t know about you but I’ll gladly go with 3. (Those Oreo cupcakes were to die for, and honestly I should have eaten a whole one). Yes, a little bit of that negative-thought cycle of #2 might creep in a little bit, and maybe you’ll start craving more sugar for a few days after a day like that, but overall, you’re going to be ok. I’ll say it again:

You’re going to be ok.

One day does not make or break a healthy lifestyle. Just keep your goals in mind, and get yourself back on track. Maybe you should give yourself a little bit more of a calorie deficit for a few days if you really went overboard, or maybe you should tack on a little bit extra to your workouts this week, but unless you’re competing in a figure competition next Saturday, there’s no need to stress about this too much.  Once healthy habits have been formed, it’s easier to fall back into them, even after an over-indulgent day like yesterday (or, *cough* weekend *cough*).

And if you haven’t yet quite mastered the healthy living habits that you strive for, than there’s no better time than now to work extra hard on them! Just keep in mind that even if it takes you a few days to get back on track, better late than never, right? Positive thinking, hard work, and a little bit of self discipline will take to where you want to be. But take these  inevitable “cheat” days as they come, because it’s up to you to make the most of life along the way, even especially if a few detours include cookies, cupcakes, and chicken wings.

8 thoughts on “Superbowl FUNday

  1. Heck to the yes for #3, it’s so worth it to have a cheat day and feel no shame. I think balance is the main key– if you’re already eating clean the majority of the time, a delicious splurge is the bomb! 🙂
    Ps– I totally watched some of the puppy bowl during superbowl commercials heehee 😉

  2. Love this! It’s not worth it to beat ourselves up over a day of indulging (or even worse, to avoid all the food that is offered while drooling at it from 10 feet away just because you don’t want to break your healthy lifestyle) because in the grand scheme of things, that one day is not going to have ANY effect!

    Also I wish I’d been at that party with you because those Oreo cupcakes sound amazing! 😀

    1. Thanks love! And they were SO GOOD. The frosting was one of the best things EVER.

  3. I love this post! I think so many bloggers try to be perfect and never admit to any cheats. Your cheat day sounds like my idea of heaven 😉 Haha You’re right though – one day of eating off-plan is not going to wreck you, just like one day of healthy eating isn’t going to make you ripped!

    1. So true!! I was actually slightly nervous to put this post up here, worried that people might think I’m a fraud. But Hey, I’m just being real here!!

  4. What a post ! I just loved it ! The picture of the morning after just made me laugh to tears !!! I woke up blah and slightly sick this morning, rad your post and saw the sun shining in my head again ! Wonderful ! Thank you !

  5. Luanna Petrauskas February 17, 2013 — 12:13 am

    When I was a student at Tulane, I learned from experience to get out of town after Fat Tuesday because the following citywide hangover grew oppressive. It feels a little like the day after Mardi Gras here on this gray, rainy Monday in New Orleans, but more satisfying. One of the nuttiest Super Bowls in memory capped off a terrific week for New Orleans. Perhaps I stayed a couple days extra in the city with my family because I don’t want to go home…

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