My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… 

THESE are a few of my favorite things.

Happy Friday! Today, I just thought I’d take some time to share some of my favorite things with you all, so that maybe they can become some of your favorite things too! Because really, they’re all pretty awesome.


Trader Joes Organic Creamy Peanut Butter. Seriously, this stuff is like crack.

Speaking of Peanut Butter… This is Buckeye Ice Cream from Toscaninis in Cambridge, MA. Hands down the BEST ice cream I’ve ever had. And you can get it in a microscoop (shown here). Perfect size for a little indulgence!

My new favorite breakfast! Oats cooked in Almond Milk, with a touch of brown sugar, a few raisins, and about a Tbs of PB plopped right in the middle. I also put some almond slivers on this one. De-li-cious.

Roasted Veggies! ALL veggies are better roasted, in my opinion. My faves are broccoli, brussels sprouts, and asparagus. Yum!

A great cup of coffee (or in this case, a Dirty Chai) is always appreciated. And some good latte art doesn’t hurt either! This is at Taste Coffe House in Newton, MA.

Ok, getting away from the food here. My absolute favorite workout of all time: stadium runs at Harvard Stadium. I took this while running one night, under the lights. Love!

On days when I can’t get to the gym, my pull-up bar is where its at! You can see the strap around my right knee; I do them assisted so that I can do more than 2 in a row 🙂

Moving on from all things nutrition and workout related — My triple wrap bracelet from Marc Bernstein NY. I’m actually madly in love with this bracelet, it’s kind of unhealthy.

My Nieces! Olivia above, and Maya below. It was Maya’s 3rd birthday last week, Happy Birthday little M! These girls are so amazing because they are so different from each other, and they are both so ridiculously adorable, unique, polite and friendly. And their mom is a pretty cool blogger to boot!

That’s all for now…

I realize that this is a big mishmash of things, most of which aren’t related. And I also realize that it would be creepy if some of these things (namely, my nieces) became your favorite things too. But for the rest of it, enjoy!

Happy Friday everyone!

15 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. Aww your nieces are so adorable! And yay for roasted veggies!
    Dude, when trader joes comes to Texas, I know what’s going at the top of my list, that peanut butter sounds SO GOOD!! 😀
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend my friend!

    1. Their Almond Butter with flax seeds is also SO GOOD!! I can’t live without the stuff.

  2. that picture at harvard stadium is amazing!!! that must be so cool! have a great day!!

    1. It’s A-Mazing. It’s the best at night, especially during the summer because during the day, when the sun is beating down on those steps, it makes it pretty difficult to keep going!

  3. Just love the post, the oats, the peanut butter and the nieces ! I am feeling the same about my nephews !!!
    Awesome post !

  4. I ❤ roasted brussels sprouts! I don't think I've had roasted asparagus before but that sounds good too! 🙂

    1. It’s so good!! If you can get it so that the ends are just a liiiiitle bit crispy, it’s the best!

  5. I totally agree that all veggies are better roasted! My favourites are sweet potato and brussels sprouts. 😀

    Also your nieces are such cuties!

  6. Finally got around to reading all your blogs. I loved them! Your oatmeal is now in my shopping list. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Rachel! The Oatmeal is amazing — And you can add so many things into it depending on the day! Sometimes I add a little bit of cinnamon, sometimes some coconut flakes, and any type of dried fruit is great too (blueberries, cranberries, apples, etc). Enjoy!

  7. Hi! I’m curious, is the Harvard Stadium open to the public all-year round (probably excluding the time when football is in season)? That picture looks amazing.

    1. Hi Kim! The stadium is open to the public year round, except for when they have events going on (although I have gone in and run during small Lax tournament days when there aren’t many people in the stands!) It’s pretty amazing if you live close by, definitely give it a try sometime!

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